In this fast-growing market of choices for a CBD product, why choose Yuzu CBDplus? Aren’t all CBD products fairly similar? Simply put, the answer is a resounding no.

At Yuzu CBDplus, we have set a new standard. We have utilized our collective experiences as physicians and chemists to provide you with a premium product crafted with wellness-enhancing ingredients found only in our unique formulas.

Yuzu CBDplus isn’t just a name, it is the foundational part of all our products. Our base formula is enhanced with the powerful benefits of the Yuzu fruit. This Asian citrus fruit contains flavonoids that deliver power-packed antioxidants to the body. We have added one of the flavonoids (Naringenin) to provide the published benefits associated with its use.

Our highly trained formulation chemists have identified that the combination of the Yuzu fruit along with our uniquely sourced CBD extractions creates a synergistic effect in our product that maximizes health benefits. This unique combination formula cannot be found in any other CBD product on the market today.

Our mission is to bring enhanced wellness to your life. Yuzu CBDplus products are scientifically designed and carefully created to combine the highest quality CBD with complementary ingredients to give you – our reason and inspiration for this invention – the best wellness enhancing CBD product available today. Yuzu CBDplus products are pure, safe, rigorously tested, and demonstrate 99% total cannabinoids in laboratory test results.

Not only that, our plants are grown on the sacred, hallowed soils of the Burns Oregon Paiute tribe and are not accessible to any other cultivators. The unique sourcing of our plants along with the powerful Yuzu CBDplus formula provides you with the finest CBD product in the world. We take our commitment to enhance your wellness seriously and want your results with our products to surpass your expectations.