The Birth

The highest quality of CBD farms were born.

Our doctors are not only experts in their field, but they’re pretty good at foreign policy as well. We’ve set aside our differences with the French to draw from the thing they’re best at – making just about anything taste really, really good. Our flavor experts have crafted a product so delicious it will have you craving your next dose, not to mention, give Willy Wonka a run for his money.

On another note, did you know the lemon fruit has an Asian cousin named Yuzu? Not surprisingly, Yuzu is much healthier than your ordinary American lemon.



From caring to rescue animals, to over a half a century of raising Great Danes, our company’s founders have unmatched dedication to improving the well-being of the animals we share our planet with.

One of our founders, Dr. Spirtos, has a deep, personal connection with the raising of man’s best friend that spans 50+ years. His passion for the breeding and development of award-winning Great Danes begins in 1950s.


Commitment through COVID-19 crisis

Our mission is to bring enhanced wellness to your life. Yuzu CBD products are pure, safe, rigorously tested and demonstrate 99% total cannabinoids in laboratory test results. Our plants are grown on sacred, hallowed soils of the Burns Oregon Pauite tribe and are not accessible to any other cultivators. The unique sourcing of our plants along with the powerful Yuzu CBD+ formulation, provides you with the finest CBD product in the world. We want your results with our CBD products to surpass your expectations. We take our commitment to enhance your wellness seriously.

Our core values